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Golden Retriever

Dog type: Golden Retriever

Description: A Golden Retriever is a large, well proportioned athletic dog with medium length hair. Their hair is very thick and comes in a variety of golden shades; the outer coat is water resistant.

Temperament: Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular family pets, they are very even tempered and they are generally happy, friendly confident dogs. Any display of aggression is very rare in Golden Retrievers; they are very patient and get on well with children and other animals. They become very devoted to their owners and form strong bonds with them. Some of the Golden's talents are hunting, tracking, retrieving, narcotics detection, competitive obedience, and performing tricks. These dogs also love to swim.

Size: Golden Retrievers are typically 51 to 61cm in height and weigh 27 to 36kg Lifespan: Between 12 to 14 years 

Health problems: Golden Retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia and congenital eye defects. They also put on weight easily so don’t overfeed. 

Notes for potential owners: These dogs need plenty of daily exercise, they love swimming and retrieving. They are highly intelligent and easy to train. They have long hair so be aware of shedding; they will need their hair brushed regularly to get rid of old dead hair.

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